Hove Place Bistro Pub & Gardens

IMG_9581I was definitely not expecting to find this little gem on a side street off Church Road. Yes, the first time I went to Hove Place was totally by chance and I definitely don’t regret it!  I’ve been there more times now and to say it’s amazing is an understatement.

Before I go over why I think it’s so good I want to apologise for the low quality pictures but it was quite dark and my camera has gone funny lately (if anyone is a Canon pro and can help me with aperture – contact me!).

So, back to Hove Place. This pub actually doesn’t feel like a pub at all and has an amazing bistro feel. The music is also very pleasant and the staff is extremely friendly.

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Saturday lunch out: Bill’s restaurant


It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday once again in Brighton and a nice meal out was all I wanted!

I know most people in the UK know Bill’s because it’s everywhere but it’s definitely one of my favourite restaurants because of its nice cozy feel and the friendliest of staffs (I don’t know if I’m always lucky when I go there but the truth is they have all been lovely!). Even though Bill’s is a chain, they manage to give their restaurants a wonderful homely feel which I think is great. It is also a grocery shop (which makes it even cuter) and is decorated with beautiful wooden chairs and tables that gives the whole place a nice rustic look.

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