Sunday Pleasures: Healthy Carrot Muffins

12540543_10153437116652198_4239283496825013182_nA few days ago I saw this amazing carrot muffin recipe and I decided I had to try it. These muffins taste incredibly good even though they have no sugar in them (just a little bit sprinkled on top)! They’re made with carrots and honey and you can easily eat 4 in a row (not that I did that…).

I used regular wholemeal flower as opposed to white wholemeal flower and honey as opposed to maple syrup so the muffins turned out a lot browner than the ones in Cookie & Kate. They still tasted really good though so whichever you try, you will love it! This recipe takes 15mins to prepare and about 30mins to cook.

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Sunday Pleasures: Chocolate Cake

chocolate cakeOnce again my internet failed me this weekend – seriously guys it is getting on my nerves! I have started looking at other internet providers because the one I’m with at the moment (Talk Talk) is the worst I have ever been with. Saying that, does anyone have any suggestions on a good internet provider that doesn’t stop working for whole days/weeks? If you do please let me know in the comments below!

So yesterday was a pretty lazy day (love them!) – I had a couple of friends over and we spent the day watching movies and baking (what else could you want? haha). We made a chocolate fudge cake which turned out pretty good so the recipe must be shared as usual!

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Sunday pleasures: Mini Trifles in a glass

trifleI was supposed to post this yesterday but I had no internet for the whole weekend! It was driving me mad and I had to call my internet provider like 4 times! It is now finally working *yay* and I can share with you the quickest and easiest recipe ever!

These glasses of pure deliciousness take around 5minutes to make (if you don’t make the sponge cake/madeira cake yourself) and they make a yummy dessert. I bought my sponge cake at Asda and it worked perfectly but if you like you can make your own sponge cake and add it the same way, it will only take a bit longer.

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A boost of natural energy: banana and granola milkshake

IMG_2824I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that you spent it close to your loved ones (whether you celebrate Easter or not). I personally had a nice relaxed weekend and I’m loving the fact that it’s a bank holiday today! I was planning to stay in and watch series all day but the sun is shining here in Brighton (yay!!) so I absolutely had to go out. While I was getting ready to go out I prepared one of my favourite milkshake recipes and decided to share it with you quickly.

It’s super simple, will boost your energy (due to all the potassium and natural sugars in the banana) and will keep you going until lunch time (all you need from breakfast!). For two glasses all you need is:

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Sunday Pleasures: Banoffee Pie

banoffeepieI was planning on making something a bit healthier today but stumbled upon picture of a banoffee pie I made a few months ago and decided to do that instead, woops! I promise my next Sunday Pleasures post will be something lighter! But back to the pie – it tastes amazing! It’s not as quick as the other recipes I’ve shared with you, but its yummy and worth it!

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