5 Things you should know about being an introvert

introversionI have mentioned before that I was reading “Quiet” and how much I loved Susan Cain’s book. She talks about the Extrovert Ideal and how today it is seen as a virtue to be talkative and in the spotlight. If you think about it the notion we have of a successful person is an extrovert – someone who is comfortable speaking in public, someone who is charming, good with words or as Cain put it, a modern day salesman. These are the people who are seen as great employees and who will have a great career. Being an introvert is seen as a weakness.

But you know what? Rosa Parks and Steve Jobs were introverts. And so are Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. We tend to think of successful people as loud and extroverted but that is not always the case.

Here are a few things you need to know about being an introvert:

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Summer memories

summermemoriesIt’s been ages since I’ve actually posted something here in my little corner and I feel like such a terrible blogger! I am profoundly sorry but I am back and had a great time catching up on all you fab posts – I missed the blogging world!

Still, saying goodbye to Summer is so hard  and I have to admit I have a serious case of holiday blues. It will go away, I know. Meanwhile I decided that the best way to share my holidays with you would be to put together a quick post showing you my favourite things/moments. So, here goes.

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Summer reading wishlist

I know for most of you it’s probably been summer for a while but for us here in Brighton it’s been more like spring/fall with a dash of summer now and then. However, I am going on holidays in a week and a half (can’t wait!!) so I’ve put together my reading wishlist *.*

Now even though I imagine myself chilling in the shade going through all these books I probably won’t get to read all of them as I’m going to Cape Verde and have a lot of catching up with friends and family to do. However I rather take more than not have enough to keep me going. Also – I love making lists!


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Snapshots 24.07.15 – It’s been a while

I know I haven’t posted anything for so long and I do apologise! I have not quit the blogging world I promise (I would never leave you!) – I just haven’t had the time (or motivation, to be honest) to post. On the bright side I’m going on holidays soon so will have loads of fun new posts for you when I am back so stay tuned.

Here’s a quick review of what’s been up lately:

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TED talks you need to watch now

TED-3If there is one thing I love doing when I have some free time it’s watching TED talks. If you’re looking to get inspired, motivated or need to relax for a bit then get a nice cup of tea, sit back and watch a TED talk. I promise you will not regret it! They are simply inspirational and some of them are mind-blowing. If you haven’t heard of Ted Talks – they are a set of global conferences founded in 1984. They started off focusing mainly on technology and design but have since broadened to almost all subjects – from education to slavery, it is all about “ideas worth spreading”.

If you have never watched a Ted Talk then you MUST watch at least one NOW.

To make it a bit easier (as there are so many to choose from!) I’ve made a list of some of my favourites – get ready to listen to some awesome people. In no particular order:

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Snapshots 16.05.2015

snapshotsHope all of you have been having an amazing week! The weather has been really temperamental here in Brighton – we got a few days of sun and then a couple of rainy days…I just can’t wait for summer! Well…”summer” (England!). Anyway, this is what has made me smile this week:

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Only you can change your life

I’ll admit – I’m the kind of person that is scared of change. In fact, I tend to think I’m not ready for it and that the consequences might be devastating. But the truth is I have gone through plenty of changes in my life and I don’t regret any of them. Nothing devastating happened and my life didn’t turn upside down – I made it.


Now change is unavoidable but I think the hardest change is when it is not forced upon you but when it is actually up to you. When you are unhappy and know you can change but are too afraid to. There are two options: you can either stand there and do nothing or change! So, after thinking about what advice I would give to anyone who feels stuck but doesn’t have the strength to change, I came up with this:

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Sunday day out

Today’s Sunday pleasures is not going to be about food but about how awesome Brighton is when it’s sunny! Everyone was out and about and everyone had a smile on their faces (apart from the Brighton marathon runners that looked knackered! Congratulations to all of you by the way – well done!!). I can’t wait for summer!! And as a picture can be worth a thousand words, this is what my Sunday looked like (in pictures):

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2015 Goals Update


What a lovely Saturday and what a difference the sunshine makes!! Love waking up to the sound of birds as opposed to rain and love the smell of spring! In February I wrote a list of my goals for 2015 (check it out here) and decided it’s a good time to review them and see if there was any progress at all (scary!). What’s the point of having goals if you don’t actually work on them, right? Time to recap:

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