Summer reading wishlist

I know for most of you it’s probably been summer for a while but for us here in Brighton it’s been more like spring/fall with a dash of summer now and then. However, I am going on holidays in a week and a half (can’t wait!!) so I’ve put together my reading wishlist *.*

Now even though I imagine myself chilling in the shade going through all these books I probably won’t get to read all of them as I’m going to Cape Verde and have a lot of catching up with friends and family to do. However I rather take more than not have enough to keep me going. Also – I love making lists!


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White decor inspiration

I am absolutely in love with white decor – be it white and grey or white and any other pastel colour. It’s just gorgeous. As I’m looking into redecorating my living room and bedroom I’ve been looking a lot into home decor ideas and decided to put together my favourite pictures and inspiration for you guys to have a look.

The thing about a predominantly white decor is it creates a serene atmosphere and an elegant look. I do think however it’s important to add a few textures and other light colours (like grey and pastel) for it not to turn boring and uninviting. White is beautiful but don’t forget to mix it up a little bit.

My living room currently has a few dark furniture pieces so I would have to do some DIY *exciting* to make it look white. Can’t wait (don’t worry – I will share everything with you when I get round to it!)

This is what has been inspiring me:

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April Wishlist

aprilwishlist2015April always puts a smile on my face as it’s a reminder that summer isn’t so far away anymore. I can’t wait for the days to get longer here in Brighton so I can go back to spending afternoons at the beach reading and barbecuing with my peeps. However, it is such a hard time to put together a wish list as it’s the perfect time to change your wardrobe and get it ready for spring. I’m loving so many items at the moment it’s hard to control myself – good thing my boyfriend gives me the evil look when I talk about something totally unnecessary I want to buy (you keep me sane babe!). So, here are my wants for this month and what I think I will not be able to resist:

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