Catching up with Courtney Quinn

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.46.19I’ve mentioned Courtney’s blog a number of times on previous posts and if you read my blog you know she’s one of my favourite bloggers. For those of you who don’t know, Courtney is a New Yorker with an awesome sense of style – she’s colourful and her pictures will bring a smile to your face. With 127k followers on Instagram and 16k followers on Twitter, Courtney has managed to transform her passion into her career and I asked her to tell us all about it.

So grab a cup of tea, sit back and get to know Courtney and her awesome blog, Colormecourtney.

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7 lessons we should learn from Mindy Kaling

mindy-kaling-680x440I think it’s about time I speak about another woman I admire. It’s been a while since I did that, right?

So, why Mindy? First, she has a way of inspiring people to look at life with humour. I mean, who doesn’t love her? She is hilarious! And second, she is full of lessons that will inspire anyone.

I have to admit I have only just started watching “The Mindy Project” properly. I know, embarrassing. The truth is I’d watched a few episodes here and there and always found it great but only a few months ago did I actually decide to download it (legally, of course).

Obviously, I am now obsessed.

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Why I love Lena Dunham

LenadunhamI am not a big fan of celebrity worshipping and for this very reason I avoid writing a whole post about an artist. However, sometimes – and just sometimes – someone like Lena comes along and makes your heart fill up with hope and all other fluffy feelings.

Lena didn’t become famous because she has the prettiest face or the hottest body or stared in reality show. In fact, she is nothing like most celebrities out there. She is comfortable showing how f* up she is and opening herself to the world as if to say “judge away”. And she has been judged in so many ways, criticised for being weird and misunderstood for not falling under the widespread beauty standards.

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Women are not only made of sugar and spice and everything nice

Today’s post is going to replace the usual Sunday Pleasures but I promise I will get a recipe in at some point of the week!

Today is all about women. International women’s day started as a socialist political movement around the 1900’s and was a result of working women wanting change. They had had enough of inequality and campaigned for what they believed. They wanted equal pay and voting rights and they fought for it! They were women that might have been made of sugar and spice, but they sure had something else in them that made them act on what they believed!

Every March 8th we celebrate women’s day and the role of women in society. I love it, don’t get me wrong! However, even though a lot has been achieved in a century, there is still a lot to fight for:

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Why I am a feminist

I was having a conversation with a friend today about writing this post and his immediate reaction was “so you are going to write about how much you hate us?”. Unfortunately, this is how feminism is widely perceived. Being a feminist does not mean you are a man-hater, it does not mean you are a lesbian or that you have hairy legs and a mustache.


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