Snapshots 24.07.15 – It’s been a while

I know I haven’t posted anything for so long and I do apologise! I have not quit the blogging world I promise (I would never leave you!) – I just haven’t had the time (or motivation, to be honest) to post. On the bright side I’m going on holidays soon so will have loads of fun new posts for you when I am back so stay tuned.

Here’s a quick review of what’s been up lately:

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snapshots 21.06.15

snapshotsjuneI know I’ve been away for a while but I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time for anything. I will try to get back to (almost) normal though! As I haven’t done a snapshots post in a while this one has happy moments from the past couple of weeks:

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Snapshots 16.05.2015

snapshotsHope all of you have been having an amazing week! The weather has been really temperamental here in Brighton – we got a few days of sun and then a couple of rainy days…I just can’t wait for summer! Well…”summer” (England!). Anyway, this is what has made me smile this week:

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Snapshots: Lisbon version

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope Monday treated you well (if not, at least it’s over!) and that Tuesday treats you even better. I’ve been promising a post about Lisbon (where to eat & drink, etc.) and I will do that as soon as I’m back in Brighton. I’ll try to include all my favourite spots instead of all the touristy places!  Meanwhile, here’s a little taste of what I’ve been up to these last few days in this gorgeous city.


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