Saturday wanderings in Devil’s Dyke

IMG_7068We’ve been really wanting to enjoy every last bit of sunshine as winter is just around the corner. It seems like Autumn is almost in full force (still no leaves covering the pavements, but the temperatures have fallen and autumn jackets are definitely out) and from there it’s a slippery slope to winter.

To enjoy what could be our last few weeks of proper sunshine, we went to Devil’s Dyke in the South Downs. I have to stay I was amazed at all the stunning views. And that smell! You know, that fresh nature smell that you don’t get in the city – gorgeous.

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A late picnic in Stanmer Park

picnic in the parkWhen you think of a picnic you probably think of going sometime around lunchtime and spending a nice day out in the sun, am I right? Well not Kimberly and I. We decided to go for a picnic after work (which for us means 5pm). It sounded like a great idea at the time but we completely forgot to consider that it is not summer anymore which means a) it’s getting dark much earlier and b) the temperatures drop c.o.n.s.i.d.e.r.a.b.l.y in the evenings.

The good thing is that when we’re together we manage to transform any situation into an awesome experience. Any sane person would have gotten up and left. Again, not us. We had so much fun and laughed our hats off with the situation! Give up and go home? never!

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A bit of sewing

sewinbrightonToday a friend and I had a lovely afternoon in a sewing workshop. We’d been wanting to start sewing classes for a while and had been looking at different sewing schools in our area. Pinterest has actually inspired us to want to do a lot of DIY and I’m so glad we decided to go to a workshop at Sew in Brighton! This sewing school started in 2008 and holds about 10-15 classes and workshops every week – their classes include “Learn to use a sewing machine”, “Lampshade making workshop”, “Make your own dress” among many others. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, there will be a class for you if you’re interested!

The workshop we went to today was called “Learn to make a bag” and the teacher was lovely – extremely helpful and cheerful. It was a beginner’s course that included learning how to use a sewing machine, making a bag out of a fabric of your choice and taking the bag home with you! Oh – there is also tea and coffee for everyone (who doesn’t love that??). The workshop costs £55 but we actually found a deal in Groupon and managed to do it for £25.

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Lou Lou’s vintage fair: Brighton

Yesterday Brighton’s Corn Exchange was host to Lou Lou’s vintage fair and I couldn’t wait to get through the doors! We arrived around 12 and were surprised by the amount of people that were there. I had been waiting for this for a while now and the anticipation was killing me. However, even though it was a very popular event and a fun day out, I was expecting it to be a bit bigger (we walked around in about 20 minutes) and was expecting to find more house things and trinkets.

Don’t get me wrong – I did see a few items I fell in love with and the prices were really good so I do think it’s definitely worth going to if you love vintage things. They also had tea and cakes which was amazing and three very talented girls dancing to a 1940’s (ish) song – it was great!

vintagefairIMG_3422IMG_3424The variety of things they had was surprising – men’s clothing, women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, old records,  recycled things, makeup, old toys…the list could go on…

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Sunday day out

Today’s Sunday pleasures is not going to be about food but about how awesome Brighton is when it’s sunny! Everyone was out and about and everyone had a smile on their faces (apart from the Brighton marathon runners that looked knackered! Congratulations to all of you by the way – well done!!). I can’t wait for summer!! And as a picture can be worth a thousand words, this is what my Sunday looked like (in pictures):

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A picture (or more) an hour

So I remembered something I saw quite a lot last year and decided to try it myself this year. It’s called a picture an hour. The idea is to document your day with one picture of something you did/saw/experienced every hour (I actually might put more pictures instead of one sometimes but the goal is the same ♥).  Here’s my Saturday’s “a picture (or more) and hour”.

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