Saturday lunch out: Bill’s restaurant


It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday once again in Brighton and a nice meal out was all I wanted!

I know most people in the UK know Bill’s because it’s everywhere but it’s definitely one of my favourite restaurants because of its nice cozy feel and the friendliest of staffs (I don’t know if I’m always lucky when I go there but the truth is they have all been lovely!). Even though Bill’s is a chain, they manage to give their restaurants a wonderful homely feel which I think is great. It is also a grocery shop (which makes it even cuter) and is decorated with beautiful wooden chairs and tables that gives the whole place a nice rustic look.

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A boost of natural energy: banana and granola milkshake

IMG_2824I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that you spent it close to your loved ones (whether you celebrate Easter or not). I personally had a nice relaxed weekend and I’m loving the fact that it’s a bank holiday today! I was planning to stay in and watch series all day but the sun is shining here in Brighton (yay!!) so I absolutely had to go out. While I was getting ready to go out I prepared one of my favourite milkshake recipes and decided to share it with you quickly.

It’s super simple, will boost your energy (due to all the potassium and natural sugars in the banana) and will keep you going until lunch time (all you need from breakfast!). For two glasses all you need is:

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Lisbon: If I had to pick 5 things to eat

lisbon3This will be the last of my Lisbon series posts (I apologise if it seems like it’s all I’ve been talking about lately but it’s such a nice city! ^.^ ) and it will feature something Portugal is amazing at: food! It will be much shorter than the other two Lisbon posts but it will give you little ideas of what to order/get if you do visit Lisbon anytime soon. In a nutshell, it’s the list of things I have to get every time I go to Portugal (good thing I don’t go very often!). Enjoy my lovelies!

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Sunday Pleasures: Banoffee Pie

banoffeepieI was planning on making something a bit healthier today but stumbled upon picture of a banoffee pie I made a few months ago and decided to do that instead, woops! I promise my next Sunday Pleasures post will be something lighter! But back to the pie – it tastes amazing! It’s not as quick as the other recipes I’ve shared with you, but its yummy and worth it!

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Sunday Pleasures: Cereal muffins

cereal muffins

Today is a nostalgic day as it’s the last day of my Blogging 101 course. I’ve met so many great people, read some amazing blog posts and have become a part of an amazing community. I absolutely loved the experience and definitely recommend any new blogger to join this course – I wouldn’t know how to do half of the things I’ve done without their tips and ideas! I also learned that blogging is much more than posting – it’s knowing your fellow bloggers, its communicating with your neighbours and getting involved!

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Sunday Pleasures: Blueberry Croissant Puff


Is there anything better than doing nothing on a rainy Sunday? I just love waking up to a full day of laziness. Pyjamas, cosy socks, a cup of tea and a good movie/TV show (it was homeland for me today!). Well Sunday is also cheat day – the day I like to cook something I love even though it might be a bit more caloric (once a week is fine, right?). Have you ever tried blueberry croissant puff? If you haven’t you must try it! It’s the easiest thing to make ever and it’s Y-U-M-M-Y ♥

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What’s for dinner?


Today’s post is all about food – yum! ♥

So I had some friends over for dinner and made one of my favorite dishes: chicken stuffed with feta cheese and spinach. It’s an extremely easy dish to make and takes about 10 minutes to prepare. What I love about it is that after prep, you can put in the oven and do whatever you like for 45 minutes. Yep – that easy! The feta cheese is full of flavour and helps keep the chicken breast moist while cooking. And trust me, the result is amazing!

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