Hove Place Bistro Pub & Gardens

IMG_9581I was definitely not expecting to find this little gem on a side street off Church Road. Yes, the first time I went to Hove Place was totally by chance and I definitely don’t regret it!  I’ve been there more times now and to say it’s amazing is an understatement.

Before I go over why I think it’s so good I want to apologise for the low quality pictures but it was quite dark and my camera has gone funny lately (if anyone is a Canon pro and can help me with aperture – contact me!).

So, back to Hove Place. This pub actually doesn’t feel like a pub at all and has an amazing bistro feel. The music is also very pleasant and the staff is extremely friendly.

IMG_9521IMG_9508In regards to the menu –  I love starters and most of all I love cheese and Hove Place offers a range of British cheeses as part of their Deli board and they are all delicious. Seriously – if you love cheese you have to try their high quality, British sourced cheeses.

IMG_9525With the cheeses you can order bread and crackers for an extra £5. The 3 types of breads they bring with the cheese are simply mouth watering and I am not exaggerating. They were so good I had to ask about where to get one of them (the treacle bread). As it turns out, not everyone can have access to the bread they offer because they are not for sale to commoners like us! As I fell in love with the treacle bread, the Chef agreed to sell me a loaf (we ate it all the next day!).

As for mains we were in the mood for burgers and man was that a good choice! Forget Burger Brothers – Hove Place has undoubtedly the best burger in Brighton. In fact, it’s the best burger I have ever tried. If you don’t believe me, go try it yourself (seriously – go!)

We ordered the hand minced British Wagyu and Dexter beef burger (brioche bun, mayo, watercress, onion, dried tomato ketchup, gherkin), triple cooked chips and blue cheese.

IMG_9539IMG_9552 IMG_9554IMG_9514Everyone around us was having the same reaction to their meals and words like “delicious”, “amazing” and “fantastic” was all I heard.

All in all I would definitely recommend it and I am definitely going to go there again.

I was actually so impressed I asked to speak to the Chef, Mr. Peter Jenkins and he agreed to let me take a picture (is this still weird even though I’m a blogger? hah).

IMG_9576Finally, I’d like to mention two things: The gardens – although it’s winter and we didn’t make much use of them, they are known for being one of the best pub gardens in Brighton and; The little lights outside – this is not at all important but I find the outside of Hove place really cute – their little trees have little lights on them!

IMG_9597Let me know if you’ve gone there and what you think!

Lots of love,



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