Breakfast at Cafe Motu

IMG_9082Today I woke up craving an English breakfast.

I know, I know. Fry-ups are totally unhealthy and very against my 2016 healthy eating goal. I really wanted eggs though. And bacon…I really felt like eating bacon. It doesn’t help that my fella is as much of a food lover as I am (can I blame it on him please??).

Anyway, we finally managed to roll out of bed and head to town with our friend. The sun was out so I took a few shots in the Lanes, one of my favourite places in Brighton.


IMG_9109Brighton has a huge range of places to have breakfast but we decided to head to Mange Tout, which is one of my favourite restaurants. When we got there they told us they had no tables free for another 30 minutes. 30 minutes! I love you Mange Tout, but no one waits that long for breakfast. That’s when we remembered Cafe Motu.

IMG_8460We used to come to Cafe Motu quite regularly. We used to get in, grab our seats and order the usual at least twice a month. When the ownership of this family run business changed we were heartbroken – the nice old man that offered my boyfriend extra pancakes had left.

They refurbished and reopened and we moved and never went there again – until today!

While we waited for breakfast, we indulged on a warm creamy latte and cappuccinos.


IMG_9064And then came the food…

IMG_9070IMG_9071IMG_9074IMG_9075IMG_9077I have to admit I enjoyed it but I’ve had better. The portions were really good and the price is great but the mushrooms and the hash browns weren’t the best. The “American” pancakes weren’t american at all – they were too thin and too sweet. I also felt like the staff could have been nicer.

All in all it’s OK for a cheap fry up and the atmosphere is great: cute and cozy. However, it was better before.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

(Random picture of me wishing you a good Sturday below).


Lots of love,



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