My 8 favourite Instagram accounts of 2015

Instagram I’m an Instagram addict.

Although I use other forms of social media, Instagram is by far my favourite. In fact it’s the first app I check every morning and the last I check before going to bed. I’m not an Instagram pro and I don’t have a theme (I know it’s become quite trendy to have a theme on Instagram like all whiter photos, etc.) but I love it.

I follow a lot of accounts (when I say a lot, I mean A LOT) for different reasons. All of them inspire me in some way: some of them give me travel inspiration, some of them give me recipe ideas and some of them are just plain pretty. As 2015 has come to an end, I thought it would be good to share with you the ones I visited religiously during 2015. Trust me, some of these will make your day.

So, in no particular order, these were my favourite Instagram accounts of 2015:


I’ve mentioned Rosie’s blog many times because it’s definitely one of my favourites. I also just happen to love her Instagram account – great photography and lots of ideas of where to go in London and anywhere else. This girl travels a lot and eats the most delicious looking food!



This is one of the cutest accounts out there! Courtney is so colourful that her pictures actually make me happy. She has an awesome sense of fashion and her account just lightens up anyone’s day.



This is definitely one of my favourite food Instagram accounts. It’s a recent love but it definitely caught my heart. All of Jenny’s food looks delicious and it almost always makes me want to cook/bake instantly.


@Girl with curves

This is another blog I’ve mentioned a million times. The thing is I never get tired of Tanesha! I love her outfits and the confidence she gives to many women. I think I’ve been following her for almost 3 years now!



This Instagram account is so inspiring (if you can, also visit the website!). It’s filled with advice to help you achieve your goals and dreams. It’s my go to website when I need a bit of  a lift-me-up. Definitely one of my favourites!



If you want to see some amazing homes with even more amazing decors then this is the Instagram account you need to go to! I spend so much time here it’s crazy!



Emilie travels to some amazing places and she always takes the best pictures. If you want some travel inspiration, definitely check her out! It will make you wish you were there.



Yasmine has a great sense of style, great photos and her nails are always on fleek (yes, I used it in a sentence! *victory dance*). I just love her Instagram pictures!


If you want to find me on Instagram, I go by @Lobinha8

Lots of love,




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