Greenberry Cafe, London

greeberrycafe1Yesterday I decided to spend the day in London and try out a cafe I’ve heard very good things about – the Greenberry Cafe, right in the heart of Primrose hill. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed and even though we had to walk for what seemed like an eternity in the rain (it was more like 15 minutes but it seemed like so much more I swear) it was worth it.

First things first, when we got to London the sun was shining and (of course) we couldn’t resist taking some cliche pictures, even though I’ve been to London a billion times. London is always London though and you know how much I love photos.

In fact, the photo-taking began on the train…

12049490_10153279059887198_6867379505571917537_nAnd continued in London…

12042944_10153279013177198_16441427367264783_n12189086_10153279059867198_8179335622211333253_nAfter walking around Westminster we decided to make our way to Greenberry Cafe. I absolutely loved this lively cafe’s atmosphere and thought the staff was super friendly.

The great thing about it is you can drop in for a coffee and indulge yourself with some delicious cakes and desserts or you can have a more substantial meal. They have a selection of daily changing homemade ice creams (which we didn’t try) but sounded delicious! Also, it’s such a cute place.

What we did try was the waffle with chocolate ice cream and raspberries, the chocolate brownie also with ice cream and the lemon cheesecake. All un-be-lie-va-ble. Mind blowing, seriously. It has been a while since I had tried a cheesecake so good and an ice cream so chocolatey. I definitely recommend it.

greenberry5IMG_8377greenberry3greenberry2greenberry4andreiagreenberry 12122542_10153279133517198_7627123998862424579_nAnd more photos were taken when we left…in the rain!


Enjoy the little things.

Lots of love,



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