Saturday wanderings in Devil’s Dyke

IMG_7068We’ve been really wanting to enjoy every last bit of sunshine as winter is just around the corner. It seems like Autumn is almost in full force (still no leaves covering the pavements, but the temperatures have fallen and autumn jackets are definitely out) and from there it’s a slippery slope to winter.

To enjoy what could be our last few weeks of proper sunshine, we went to Devil’s Dyke in the South Downs. I have to stay I was amazed at all the stunning views. And that smell! You know, that fresh nature smell that you don’t get in the city – gorgeous.


I clearly had the wrong shoes on – I had some very annoying stones in my shoes and managed to get stung! Kimberly brought her converse, of course! I have learned for next time.


And the woods…so pretty!


After all that walking we thought we deserved a hot chocolate…and some nibbles. Devil’s Dyke pub is very cute and the staff were extremely friendly.

IMG_7438We had onion rings, fries and beer battered mushrooms (I know, a combination of the unhealthiest things), all of which were very good!

As for the hot chocolate, it was one of the best I’ve ever had!

IMG_7453chipsonionringsdevilsdykefoodI have to go back to try a proper meal at the pub – everything looked so good!

Anyway, if you haven’t been to devil’s dyke then go, it’s worth it.

Have a great Sunday.

Lots of love,



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