Summer memories

summermemoriesIt’s been ages since I’ve actually posted something here in my little corner and I feel like such a terrible blogger! I am profoundly sorry but I am back and had a great time catching up on all you fab posts – I missed the blogging world!

Still, saying goodbye to Summer is so hard  and I have to admit I have a serious case of holiday blues. It will go away, I know. Meanwhile I decided that the best way to share my holidays with you would be to put together a quick post showing you my favourite things/moments. So, here goes.

The beaches

I missed going to the beach soooooo much! I live in Brighton and am very lucky to live by the sea but that doesn’t necessarily mean I go to the beach as the water is cold and there is no sand – only pebbles. Love Brighton but how missed the white sandy beaches!marcaboverde

Baia das Gatas festival

This festival is held every year since 1984 in the island of Sao Vicente. I had an awesome time and barely got any sleep for 3 days – all worth it though! The music was great, the people were great and the fact that it’s by the beach makes it that extra bit special.   baiadasgatas

Friends & Family

Definitely the most important thing for me about  going to Cape Verde is being with my friends and family! I enjoyed every moment with my loved ones  – from the parties to the family lunches/dinners. Miss them all. caboverde

 Santo Antao

It was my first time visiting this beautiful island and I have to say I was extremely impressed! So green, full of the sweetest people and the best mangoes I have ever eaten in my life! Also, if you enjoy hiking it is definitely worth a visit!santoantaocollage

The landscapes

Cape Verde is dry and has irregular rain between August and October (I say irregular because sometimes it barely rains). It’s poor in natural resources and can seem quite brown when seen from above. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some amazing landscapes! From rocky mountains to beautiful beaches – there is something for almost every taste. And when it rains it quickly goes from brown to green and it’s a beautiful thing to see.landscapecaboverdeAll in all, three weeks of pure bliss.

Lots of love,




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