Summer reading wishlist

I know for most of you it’s probably been summer for a while but for us here in Brighton it’s been more like spring/fall with a dash of summer now and then. However, I am going on holidays in a week and a half (can’t wait!!) so I’ve put together my reading wishlist *.*

Now even though I imagine myself chilling in the shade going through all these books I probably won’t get to read all of them as I’m going to Cape Verde and have a lot of catching up with friends and family to do. However I rather take more than not have enough to keep me going. Also – I love making lists!


1. Girl at War –  “[…]haunting, compelling debut from a brilliant young writer, rooted in historical fact and personal experience. Sara has lived in the States and Croatia, and her novel bears witness to the haunting stories of her family and friends who lived through the height of the conflict, and reflects her own attempts to come to terms with her relationship to Croatia and its history. It is an extraordinary achievement for a novelist of any age, let alone age 26”. This book caught my attention as soon as I read this review.

2.  Looking for Alaska – I chose this book due to it’s outstanding reviews. I actually already have it on my bookshelf and cannot wait to start reading it even though I’ve heard it’s deeply sad. “Looking for Alaska’ brilliantly captures the exquisite painful joy of living and loving. Poignant, funny, heartbreaking and compelling, this novel will stay with you forever.”

3. Quiet – I have already started reading this book but didn’t have time to finish it as have been too busy these last couple of weeks so decided to include it in this list. So far, very very interesting and so relatable! “Susan Cain’s Quiet has sparked a quiet revolution. In our booming culture, hers is a still, small voice that punches above its weight. Perhaps rather than sitting back and asking people to speak up, managers and company leaders might lean forward and listen” Megan Walsh, The Times

4. Beautiful ruins – My friend lent this to me a while ago and it has been on my list for a bit so HAVE to read it asap. “Gloriously inventive, funny, tender and constantly surprising, Beautiful Ruins is a novel full of fabulous and yet very flawed people, all of them striving towards another sort of life, a future that is both delightful and yet, tantalizingly, seems just out of reach.”

5. Us – I absolutely loved One Day by David Nichols so after hearing everyone talk about this one I had to get it. “Even better than One Day.” (The Times) – I doubt it but I will definitely read it, Times!

If you have read any of these please let me know what you thought of it. Also welcoming any suggestions 🙂

Lots of love,



10 thoughts on “Summer reading wishlist

  1. I read ‘Us’ last month, shortly before starting my own book blog. I lovely tale about relationships and the value of family. The Everyman is positioned as champion, and you’ll definitely feel for him and be in is corner because it’s a love story centred around the importance of family.

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