Snapshots 24.07.15 – It’s been a while

I know I haven’t posted anything for so long and I do apologise! I have not quit the blogging world I promise (I would never leave you!) – I just haven’t had the time (or motivation, to be honest) to post. On the bright side I’m going on holidays soon so will have loads of fun new posts for you when I am back so stay tuned.

Here’s a quick review of what’s been up lately:


  1. Shopping in London – A friend of mine came over for a weekend and we decided to go to London for a full day of shopping *.* Ah, Sales! How I love you!
  2. My brother in Brighton – my little brother came to visit for 2 weeks – missed him!
  3. Sun – Ok, I am not particularly in the mood to talk about the sun at the moment as it is raining and the weather has been horrible but the ONE day there was actually some sunshine was great – please come back Mr.Sun!
  4. Going out with my brother – he is finally 18 so had to take him out in Brighton!
  5. Rafael turns 1 – my little cousin was 1 on Wednesday. He was very sleepy by the time the party ended but he was loving it
  6. With the girls – love spending time with them
  7. Mexican – took my brother to Dos Sombreros – I couldn’t have a snapshot post without any food in it

I have some posts lined up for before I go away on holidays so I will be around.

How I missed this!

Lots of love,




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