Why I love Brighton

brightonAbout 4 years ago I moved to Brighton to do my Masters at Sussex University. Fast forward almost two years and I’m still here, working and living by the sea. There have been times when I’ve thought Brighton is too small and I needed to explore somewhere new but the truth is Brighton has a special little place in my heart. I don’t plan on staying here forever but when I leave I’m going to miss it – and this is why:

1. The North Lanes

This is just the cutest little area in Brighton. With around 400 independent shops and cafes it’s a great place to eat, shop and relax. I can’t explain how much I love sitting outside in a cafe while enjoying a nice fresh drink after a little stroll around – love it!


2. Lunch at the beach (and the beach in general)

Living in a city by the beach has so many privileges and one of them is being able to have my lunch at the beach. My job is a 5min walk away so I can easily enjoy my lunch break under the sun (when it’s sunny!). Pure bliss!


3. The people

I have met some pretty awesome people in this city and some will stay in my heart forever (how cheesy haha but true!). The first thing I noticed when I arrived here was how nice and easy going everyone was. Also, Brighton is such a multicultural city – I’ve met people from so many different places it’s unbelievable!


4. The Cafes

So many of them everywhere! In fact, Brightonians are the biggest coffee drinkers in the UK (check out this article here) – you can find a cafe in almost every corner. I don’t just mean Costa or Starbucks, but so many unique independent cafes that are worth a visit. And the best thing is they usually have amazing homemade cakes!


5. The nightlife

I’ve heard before that Brighton has 365 pubs – one for each night of the year. However, while trying to find the current number of pubs in Brighton I came across a few different figures so I’ll settle with more than 400! The point is, being a city full of university students, the nightlife in Brighton is amazing. You can go out literally everyday of the week and there will be something going on. From small pubs to large clubs – there is something for everyone.


6. The proximity to London

If you need to go to London for whatever reason – be it shopping or a concert – it is only 1 hour away. Perfect.

7. How everyone is so open-minded

I have come to find that people here are very laid back and open-minded. They generally accept people for who they are and are tolerant of almost everything. Fashion wise – everything goes. You’ll see all kind of unique (and sometimes peculiar) styles everywhere!

My list could go on but I would be here forever…I love this place.

Lots of love,




10 thoughts on “Why I love Brighton

  1. Lara, I hunted you out as I realised I haven’t looked at your blog for a while! So glad I did as your post has reminded me how much I NEED to go to Brighton again! My brother gets to enjoy all the above to, lucky boy. Might have to move to Brighton… haha! x


  2. I’ve been looking round universities recently and it’s brilliant to hear what Brighton is like from somebody who actually lives there, especially as Sussex is one of my favourite courses so far! Thank you for posting this!xx


  3. Larósca querida, sempre tive curiosidade por Brigthon – dos filmes e livros de estudo/ romances – mas agora fiquei mesmo convencida que será um cantinho à minha medida e pelo que descreves bem agradável e acolhedor.Interessante que tu e o Pedro tenham ” ido lá parar”! Carpe Diem e que nos encontremos por aí para um café. 😋 😻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. É verdade Guida, Brighton é uma cidade interessante e acho que ias adorar – tem tudo a ver contigo! Tomaremos um café em Agosto quando estiver em Cabo Verde 🙂 beijos mil 😘😘😘


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