snapshots 21.06.15

snapshotsjuneI know I’ve been away for a while but I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time for anything. I will try to get back to (almost) normal though! As I haven’t done a snapshots post in a while this one has happy moments from the past couple of weeks:

  • After lunch walk at the Marina – after having a lovely lunch with a friend of mine we had a little stroll and it was so relaxing. Check out that view!
  • Breakfast @ The New Club – this is a new cafe in Brighton where everything is organic. The food and environment are absolutely awesome!
  • Lakeside shopping – whole afternoon spent shopping with a friend – of course that makes me smile! we actually managed not to spend too much so I was quite proud.
  • Sewing workshop @ Sew in Brighton – this was so much fun! Check out my post about it here.
  • Lakeside dinner – After our shopping spree we had a well deserved dinner by the lake. So relaxing!
  • Little cousin is back – my little cousin & parents have returned from their 3 week away in Bermuda. Missed his little chubby cheeks!
  • Pizza @ Prezzo – food always makes me smile!
  • Barbecue @ the beach – It’s that time of the year in Brighton when everyone does barbecues! The weather hasn’t been consistent but whenever the sun is out, we’re out!
  • Sale season – Do I need to explain why this makes me smile?

Hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks.

Lots of love,



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