TED talks you need to watch now

TED-3If there is one thing I love doing when I have some free time it’s watching TED talks. If you’re looking to get inspired, motivated or need to relax for a bit then get a nice cup of tea, sit back and watch a TED talk. I promise you will not regret it! They are simply inspirational and some of them are mind-blowing. If you haven’t heard of Ted Talks – they are a set of global conferences founded in 1984. They started off focusing mainly on technology and design but have since broadened to almost all subjects – from education to slavery, it is all about “ideas worth spreading”.

If you have never watched a Ted Talk then you MUST watch at least one NOW.

To make it a bit easier (as there are so many to choose from!) I’ve made a list of some of my favourites – get ready to listen to some awesome people. In no particular order:

Do Schools Kill Creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson talks about how we have to rethink the way we are educating our children. He emphasises the need to  nurture creativity and not undermine it. He believes we are killing creativity by only giving emphasis to subjects like maths and languages. Why are arts always the least important?

 We should all be Feminists – Chimimanda Ngozie Adichie

I think I have mentioned this talk quite a few times but it’s a subject I am passionate about. Chimimanda brilliantly explains feminism – must watch!

The power of introverts – Susan Cain 

I am currently reading her book “Quiet” and I’m truly loving it. Susan Cain talks about how it is important to stop shaming introverts for being introverts as it shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. She explains the need to re-shape education and work environments for the good of both introverts and extroverts – it is essential to be allowed to be who you truly are!

Plus-size? More like my size – Ashley Graham

Ashley is a famous model and body activist that stresses the need to love yourself for who you are. She explains her journey into the fashion industry and how important it is to embrace body diversity. Is plus-size a size?

Hackschooling makes me happy – Logan LaPlante

This 13 year old talks about how alternative schooling has made him happy. He talks about our current education system and how it should be based on the study and practice of being happy. And it wasn’t a typo – he is really only 13!

How to combat modern slavery – Kevin Bales

Kevin Bales talks about modern slavery and how it still exists. He emphasises that he is not talking about people in bad jobs but “people that are forced to work without pay, under threat of violence and unable to walk away”. He shares his research and explains how we can fight slavery.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Lots of love,



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