May favourites

MayfavouritesWith a blink of an eye May has ended and it’s time for me to share with you what my favourites have been. As I’ve mentioned before I’m really trying not to spend too much (until summer shopping spree which is coming soon!) so I haven’t bought anything major. However, I did fall in love with a few things!


Tresemme Luxurious Moisture shampoo & conditioner

As you may have realised I have curly hair. If there is one thing I have learned is that hair products that clearly state “for curly hair”/”stronger curls”/”defined curls” or anything along those lines do not work for me! They just don’t. Instead I tend to go for things that indicate moisture – now these usually work. And boy does Tresemme work! If your hair is quite dry and frizzy – try this out!

Elle Decoration magazine

So much white, grey and pastel green – I love it! I’m really into decor lately and this month’s Elle decor magazine is all about creating a calmer home. Check out what has been inspiring my interior design ideas on this post.

KIKO Automatic Precision lip liner (purple)

I have been in love with matte purple lipstick for a while now (have a look at my Instagram and you will find a couple of pictures where I’m wearing this) but the KIKO lip liner makes it so much easier to apply! Kiko never disappoints.

This Sitcom

The Goldbergs – this has quickly become one of my favourite sitcoms ever! I know – brave to say – but so true! It’s so funny!

These blogs

From Roses by Rebecca – this woman has some really great advise and one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve seen. She also takes beautiful photographs!

Anastasia Amour by Anastasia – I found this blog the other day and fell in love. Anastasia talks about confidence, empowerment self-love and change. She is a straight-talker that won’t always say what you want to hear but instead what you need to hear.

This App

Twitter – I finally have Twitter! I mean I’ve known it for years and actually had an account when I was in university but never got into it. Now however I think I’m getting addicted! Check out @Laralobo8 on Twitter!

What were your favourites in May?

Lots of love,



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