Awards – Thank you!

awardsI have been nominated to a few Awards in the last few months but have been completely unable to get back to everyone or reply to all the questions. I apologise and I know some of these are well overdue but I don’t think I will be able to get back to everyone individually. Due to that I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the following blogs for nominating me (without you blogging just wouldn’t be fun!!):

  1. Emwills Eleven – link here
  2. Kim @ Life is nice – link here
  3. Sady @ Simply Sady – link here
  4. Janet @ The Storyteller – link here
  5. Masihbersambung – link here
  6. Mel @ The Creative Fox Den – link here
  7. Camille @ Love yourself again – link here
  8. Susie @ Susieshy45 – link here
  9. Bonny @ Thoughts and Things – link here

You are awesome!

Lots of love,



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