My top 10 favourite blogs

favouriteblogsI’ve been a blog lover for a long time now (way before I started my blog) and have a list of blogs I go to either for positive thoughts, for fashion&beauty tips, career advice, restaurant reviews, recipes, travel ideas or simply to make me smile. These blogs all have inspired me in one way or another and I hope to be able to inspire some of you in the same way one day!

So, before I give you my list of favourite blogs, I just have to say that I love so many and picking 10 was no easy task! Still, these are the ones I tend to visit the most – some have been a love for longer and some are more recent loves. In no particular order:

 1. The Londoner

Rosie writes about her life in London. She has amazing pictures and is a lover of awesome looking brunches, fashion and travelling (seriously – look at her posts of when she was in the Maldives!). At some point she was the 4th most popular lifestyle blog in the UK!

2. Girl with curves

I think this was one of the first blogs I started religiously following. Tanesha is a gorgeous curvy woman that shares her love for fashion with her readers. She has won numerous awards and has been featured in so many magazines it’s crazy!

3. Wonder forest

 If you need tips on how to improve your blog (like layouts, themes, fonts, etc.) check out Dana’s blog! She is very creative and also makes the cutest phone cases. Also, her Instagram pictures are always purely gorgeous!

4. Milk bubble tea

This is a more recent love but dear do I love her love for pastels! She has awesome little tips to share and takes the cutest pictures.

5. Beautycrush

Sammi has such a great style and shares her love for fashion and beauty. She also has a Youtube channel (which I haven’t explored yet!) and awesome pictures.

6. How sweet it is

This is the blog to go to if you need delicious recipes. Jessica sure knows how to cook & bake and shares that with her readers. She even has a cookbook! Trust me, it’s amazing.

7. Confetti and curves

Karen is the nicest, most attentive blogger I have had the pleasure to meet (well, virtually)! She writes about beauty and anything glam – check out her blog and youtube channel!

8. Little coffee break

This is such a cute and inspiring blog! Moa’s blog just makes me smile – she writes about decorating her planner, make-up, mental health, women and has recently started an awesome series called “coffee with friends”.

9. Une femme, une fille

Bethany’s blog is awesome – she writes about fashion, beauty, sewing and her daily adventures. I love the layout of her blog and have been a follower since the day I laid eyes on it!

10. Cupcakes and cashmere

Emily writes about the little pleasures of life and anything that she loves – food, fashion, beauty and interior design. I love this blog and everything about it!

And there you have it – my current list of favourite blogs.

Lots of love,



12 thoughts on “My top 10 favourite blogs

    1. Yes please do – they are great 🙂 I’m always looking for new blogs to read as well so if you do want to recommend any please do, I’d love that :)) xx


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