Snapshots 16.05.2015

snapshotsHope all of you have been having an amazing week! The weather has been really temperamental here in Brighton – we got a few days of sun and then a couple of rainy days…I just can’t wait for summer! Well…”summer” (England!). Anyway, this is what has made me smile this week:

  1. Rib eye steak @ Lion and Lobster – the steaks at this pub are simply awesome!
  2. Ciate nail varnish Sweet Talk – So I’d heard good things about Ciate and decided to finally give it a try. I loved the consistency and matte look of this nail varnish but initially wasn’t too sure on the colour on me. I did eventually fall in love with it though!
  3. Lewis – I went with a friend to Lewis during the week to relax and thought it was the cutest place ever! The little houses and lamps and vintage look and feel…I loved it!
  4. Still Lewis – isn’t it so pretty?
  5. Stripes – still in love with stripes and they still make me smile!
  6. Carrot cake @ Cafe Coho – this cake wasn’t as amazing as the ones I’ve had in Marwood but it was still delicious!
  7. Hugging the little one – me and my little cousin saying goodbye before he went on a 1 month trip to Bermuda! Miss him already!
  8. Friends over in Brighton – Had an amazing weekend with old&new friends that came to visit! Nothing better than drinks, food and movies with people you love!
  9. Flowers – simply flowers!

What has made you smile this week my lovelies?

Lots of love,



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