Tips to become a morning person

morningperson2Studies show that morning people tend to be more proactive and to make the most of their days therefore tending to be healthier and more productive than others (read more about this here and here).

The truth is that people who only need 5 hours of sleep are rare so it isn’t a case of being able to sleep less hours but how to train yourself to wake up early and feel good about it!

Now, I’m not an expert on this and I do not consider myself to be a morning person (not yet at least) but I have been trying to gradually become one and a friend of mine (who is not a morning person) asked me to share my tips. So here goes – this one’s for you Kim!

Create a schedule

For me this has been essential. I know it may sound boring but I don’t go to bed when I’m sleepy or tired, I go to bed at a certain time everyday in order to get enough sleep. I know this is obvious but it’s harder than it sounds and it took me a while to force myself to go to bed. So try giving yourself a reasonable bedtime and stick to it.

Note: weekends are also important – only sleep as late as you need to. I’m still working on it!

Have something to look forward to

You know how when you have something planned that you really want to do and you wake up early without a problem? Well you need to recreate that feeling. Be it a nice breakfast, quick exercise or a energising bath – find something that will make you want to wake up early. I usually go for the breakfast!

Stop snoozing

This is by far the best thing I changed. I realised that not snoozing makes me feel much more rested! Trust me, it makes a huge difference! Snoozing will make you feel more tired and grumpier. So set a realistic time to get up and once you’re awake – get up!

Plan ahead

I’ve said this before but it makes a big difference to prepare your things for the next day. Choose your clothes, prepare your lunch and do anything that will save you some time. Rushing will make you feel more stressed!

Put some music on

I put some music for while I’m in the shower and while I’m getting ready – it just makes me feel happier! Try it – you’ll start your day in a better mood.

Say something nice to yourself every morning

Even if it sounds silly – do it. Positive thinking, positive vibes, positive life!

Lots of love,




13 thoughts on “Tips to become a morning person

  1. Trying to become a morning person is so hard for me! I do find that I wake up easier when I’m waking up at the same time everyday so consistency works! I will definitely have to try some of these tips!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it was really hard for me in the beginning but it does definitely get better with time so consistency does indeed work 🙂 thanks for reading! xx


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