Recent finds: Nº7 Perfectly Bronzed Mosaic Bronzer

number7I got this the other day and thought I had to write about it! As I said in this post, I fell in love with the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing powder and had decided to stick to it. However, even though it is really good and gives you that natural look it misses that peachy/pinky colour I like on my cheeks in spring. This is exactly what this nº7 product provides! It does have it flaws though…

The product

This product is fragrance-free and has 5 shades of bronzing powder that blend together giving a nice natural look to the skin. Seriously – it’s so pretty!

n7 number72



  • I love the colour on my skin and I think it will probably suit most light and medium skin tones
  • It has a nice satin finish
  • It’s not too heavy and doesn’t make you look like you have a lot of make up on (if you use it wisely)
  • It’s fragrance free
  • It has light reflecting pigments
  • It’s not expensive – £12
  • It’s not tested on animals
  • It’s great for spring!


  • Although when blended together it can be used as a bronzer, I feel it is more a blush than a bronzer! I say this because the result is a peachy colour and when a bit more is applied it looks pink. I use it more on my cheeks and temples and wouldn’t use it on my whole face (I tried it and didn’t love the result).
  • It doesn’t adhere very well to the brush so it’s not easy to control – you have to be careful when applying!

Overall: 8/10

before and afterAnd there you go, my first proper beauty review! I never had beauty reviews in mind when I started blogging but it is kind of fun!! haha. Hope you enjoyed sweeties!

Lots of love,




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