Snapshots 24.04.15

snapshotsaprilFirst I want to apologise for not being so consistent with posting this week but it has been crazy! I will get back to normal next week (hopefully!). These are the things that have made me smile this week:

  1. Chicken and pomegranate salad – I have developed a new found love for pomegranate and this salad was just delicious! I love these little guys in a natural yoghurt or in couscous as well. Oooh…recipe idea!
  2. Revlon colourburst matte balm – absolutely loved how this looked and the feel of it as well! Although it gives your lips that matte look it doesn’t feel dry at all!
  3. Lou Lou’s Vintage fair – Lou Lou’s came to Brighton last weekend and of course I had to check it out! More about it on this post.
  4. White picture frames on my wall – I’ve wanted to hang a few white picture frames on my wall for a while now (check out what inspired me here and here) and we finally got round to it. I absolutely love how it looks!
  5. Time with one of my favourite men in the world – I love you.
  6. The weather – the weather in Brighton has been great which means going to the beach after work or even during lunch time!
  7. New airmax thea trainers – I got these the other day and absolutely love them! Thank you to pinterest for helping me decide (I was in between a few trainers). The picture used is not mine – I haven’t had the chance to take a picture with mine on yet!
  8. Flowers around the flat – that time of the year when all I want is flowers!
  9. Itsu Thai chicken rice – it was my first time trying Itsu and all I know is I am definitely going there again. It’s so good and a good price as well. YUMMY!

Have a lovely Friday evening my dears!

Lots of love,





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