Saturday lunch out: Bill’s restaurant


It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday once again in Brighton and a nice meal out was all I wanted!

I know most people in the UK know Bill’s because it’s everywhere but it’s definitely one of my favourite restaurants because of its nice cozy feel and the friendliest of staffs (I don’t know if I’m always lucky when I go there but the truth is they have all been lovely!). Even though Bill’s is a chain, they manage to give their restaurants a wonderful homely feel which I think is great. It is also a grocery shop (which makes it even cuter) and is decorated with beautiful wooden chairs and tables that gives the whole place a nice rustic look.

IMG_3300IMG_3373IMG_3375IMG_3369IMG_3365IMG_3324As for the food – delicious! For starters we had the potato and rosemary bread (so good!) and the crispy lemon squid (also really good!). For the main I had the Bill’s burger and my boyfriend had the Rib eye steak – we absolutely loved both!

IMG_3340IMG_3343 IMG_3349IMG_3351IMG_3353Dessert was also yummy! I was going to try to avoid  to eat dessert today but I just love their brownie! Double spin class for me on Monday!! IMG_3357IMG_3361IMG_3364I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday my lovelies!

Lots of love,



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