Only you can change your life

I’ll admit – I’m the kind of person that is scared of change. In fact, I tend to think I’m not ready for it and that the consequences might be devastating. But the truth is I have gone through plenty of changes in my life and I don’t regret any of them. Nothing devastating happened and my life didn’t turn upside down – I made it.


Now change is unavoidable but I think the hardest change is when it is not forced upon you but when it is actually up to you. When you are unhappy and know you can change but are too afraid to. There are two options: you can either stand there and do nothing or change! So, after thinking about what advice I would give to anyone who feels stuck but doesn’t have the strength to change, I came up with this:


Stop delaying it. If you have been thinking about it for a long time then it is probably time. If your job doesn’t make you happy or your relationship isn’t fulfilling – why are you insisting? Stop complaining and do something about it. Accept that change is possible and that sometimes it is for the good


Sometimes we don’t change because society pressures us. You might have studied or worked hard to do what you do and have figured out you don’t like it anymore. Leaving is not always a sign of  failure, it might be a sign of strength. Try to find what you love – pursuing your dreams is not foolish. Admitting that you don’t like something or someone anymore is not weak. You don’t have to be with someone forever just because you’ve been together for a long time. The world might tell you that it would be crazy to leave someone after so long because that person is safe. Lie. It is more important to be happy and it is never too late to start over.


Only you know what makes you smile and what makes your soul happy. Get to know yourself and figure out what you want. Stop thinking about what should be done and think about what you want to be done. You need to make yourself happy before you can be happy with someone else.


I’m not saying to immediately change your whole life without thinking about it. Think about where you are and where you want to go. Be realistic and make a plan. If your dream is to open a B&B then start saving for it today, not tomorrow. Don’t stay stuck where you are because you are afraid of the other options – if you think of them beforehand it will be easier to embrace them.

notendoftheWhen was the last time that you changed something or that something in your life changed radically? Did it kill you? Probably not. One phrase I love is “It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable”. Be ready for change and acknowledge that it is not a bad thing.


Success doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone that is now a connoisseur was once a beginner. No one was born an expert! The only difference between someone who succeeds and someone who doesn’t is persistence!

So stop sitting there and do something about it!

And don’t forget:

108cddee8f38a76ae1ffa6ee08854203Lots of love,



19 thoughts on “Only you can change your life

      1. i mean it —————- it’s always wonderful to read such insightful posts ……. 🙂 heart based 🙂 and PS – Your photography is GREAT …… omg 🙂


      2. no not too kind 🙂 perceptive 🙂 Yes and honest ……….. 🙂 a ton of people don’t have the guts to tell it like they see it – and YOU are way younger than i am – so it makes me happy to see a young woman taking full charge of her life and Owning herself as Number 1 🙂
        There is my speech Lol
        xoxoxo Cat

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