2015 Goals Update


What a lovely Saturday and what a difference the sunshine makes!! Love waking up to the sound of birds as opposed to rain and love the smell of spring! In February I wrote a list of my goals for 2015 (check it out here) and decided it’s a good time to review them and see if there was any progress at all (scary!). What’s the point of having goals if you don’t actually work on them, right? Time to recap:

  • Enter a colour run – I haven’t done this yet! I will look into it asap!
  • Cook more – I have definitely been cooking more and have been enjoying it so much. Stand by for many recipes coming your way!
  • Exercise (much more) and stay healthy – Yes! I have officially gotten back to the gym and have been going 4-5 times a week. I actually missed it!
  • Visit a new country – So we haven’t been to a new country yet this year however we are still up for a weekend break somewhere. Prague has always been an option but now Switzerland is also on the list!
  • Read more – I’m still not back to reading as much as I used to so this goal is still in progress.
  • Blog more – this goal has definitely been achieved. I started by having about 1 post a week but have been able to consistently write 3 posts a week lately. Yay!
  • Be more positive – I’m trying, but I’m still not as positive as I’d like to be. I also need to start worrying less. The less you worry, the happier you will be!
  • Take up classes of some sort – I recently signed up to an online social media and marketing course that looks very interesting! Take a look at their website (http://alison.com) – they have loads of free courses available!
  • Wake up earlier – Also a success! I have been trying my best to make most of every day. Nothing better than waking up early to exercise as well.
  • Be an improved version of myself by the end of the year – a work in progress.

Still a lot to work on but a lot has been improved – this puts a smile on my face ♥

What also puts a smile on my face is going out for coffee with friends and trying different types of teas/cakes/coffees or anything to keep us company while we talk away. Yesterday I went to Marwood Cafe (one of my favourite cafes in Brighton) and enjoyed a very delicious banoffee cake and tea:






Have you worked on your goals for this year?

Lots of love,



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