Things I would tell my younger self


When I look back and think how I was as a teenager/young adult I wish I could write a letter to my younger self. This is what I’d say:

1. You are a cool person – stop putting yourself down

Stop thinking you are the worst person ever an that such and such is so much cooler. Trust me, you are a great kid and you will do just fine in life!

2. Stop worrying so much about your looks

You worry too much about how you look and about what others think about how you look. You are not the ugliest and fattest thing in the universe! Enjoy life while you can – you will have serious things to worry about when you get older!

3. Spend more time with your parents

You will miss them so much when you leave home!

4.ย Be nicer to people

You could be far nicer to people. Listen more, pay more attention. Short answers are not cool, ignoring people is not cool!

5.ย You have spots – get over it!

They will (generally) go away as you get older.

6. Enjoy your time in school – you will miss it when you start working

Your parents are not kidding when they say the best time ofย your life is when you’re a student. All the fun you’re having now – not going to repeat itself. Stop wishing you could start working!!

7. Not all your plans will work out – be ready for that

So you want to work for the UN? hah! Things might not always go as planned and that is fine. You will end up enjoying the life you have when you are older.

8. Stand up for yourself

Say what you think young lady! Stop being so shy!

9. He is not the love of your life – it’s your teenage hormones speaking!

It may seem as if it is impossible to love anyone as much, that your heart has been broken into a million pieces and that it’s the end of the world. Well, it isn’t. It is just another crush. You’ll get over it sooner than you think!

10. You will thank your parents for the braces

They may look ugly now but in 10 years time you will love your teeth and thank your parents for it!


Your older self.





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