March Favourites

MarchfavesIs it me or have these past three months flown by? It actually worries me when I think I have so much I want to do this year and haven’t done one thing yet! Ok I’m not going to think about that now. Let’s focus on my March favourites shall we?


Macbook Air

I’m so in love with my new laptop! My old one was giving me so many problems I hadn’t used it for a while. Instead, I was using my boyfriends laptop to blog (not handy for him!) and needed a solution. My macbook air is so light and fast I think I may have a crush on it!

Macbook Air sleeve

I got this when I got the laptop. I got it for around £10 on amazon and I’m actually surprised at how good it is. It definitely doesn’t look £10 and does the job perfectly. Well done Amazon – I would have spent much more on an Apple one!

Aldo necklace

I absolutely love Aldo accessories and religiously check out their sales because there is always something I love (I have quite a few Aldo accessories purchased on sale!). However,  I managed to find this specific necklace on Asos! Check it out here. They have a few Aldo necklaces for sale at the moment so go nowwww!

Maybeline refine eye pencil – White

I have been in love with white eye pencils for a while so decided to buy one this month and try it out. So far I’m loving how it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake but have only used it on my waterline so will have to try it out bit more before I give you a proper feedback.

Elle UK April edition

I’m not the kind of person that can say that has religiously read all Elle magazines and have loved them for ages but I have a new found love for them! I have only recently started buying them monthly (less than six months ago) and really enjoy them. I love April’s edition because it has an interview with Lena Dunham – author of “Not That kind of Girl” – and I absolutely love her!  Book review to come soon.

Parfois ring set (two rings) and silver earrings 

Parfois is one of my favourite shops and it’s really unfortunate that they don’t have one in England (they have stores all over Europe but not in England for some reason – if you’re in Ireland there are a few Parfois as well!). The ring set comes with one midi ring and a standard ring – both gorgeous. The shop is Portuguese and sells accessories, shoes, bags and scarves. I absolutely love their stuff – check them out here.

Accessorize midi rings 

I got these at the airport and loved them. I have a few pictures where I have these on so if you’re not new to the blog you’ve probably seen them. If not, have a wonder around and thank you for joining me on my journey ♥

Have a great evening my dears.

Lots of love,



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