Lisbon: If I had to pick 5 things to eat

lisbon3This will be the last of my Lisbon series posts (I apologise if it seems like it’s all I’ve been talking about lately but it’s such a nice city! ^.^ ) and it will feature something Portugal is amazing at: food! It will be much shorter than the other two Lisbon posts but it will give you little ideas of what to order/get if you do visit Lisbon anytime soon. In a nutshell, it’s the list of things I have to get every time I go to Portugal (good thing I don’t go very often!). Enjoy my lovelies!

♥ Pastel de nata

The famous Portuguese tarts. If you’re going to get these you have to get the originals from Belém -the best in the world!


♥ Bitoque

This is such a traditional dish you can find it anywhere – even when it’s not on the menu! It’s also extremely easy to make and consists of a steak, chips, a fried egg and rice (optional). The secret is in the sauce – you have to try it to understand! It’s is still one of my favourite foods in the world!


Note: pic not mine. 


Again one of my favourite foods. Cod made with chips and egg – if you want the recipe check out this post.


Note: pic not mine. 

♥ PETISCOS (nibbles/snacks)

There are so many different nibbles to chose from in Lisbon and they are all delicious. From olives and bread to seafood or cheese boards, you can find these anywhere as starters or petiscos. If you are going to have a beer ask for tremoços – they are very traditional and go perfectly with a cold beer!



I know this can be found almost anywhere in the world but it is one of my favourite desserts and I just love the way the Portuguese make them! So creamy! It’s a must try!


Note: pic not mine. 

If you haven’t seen the other two posts check them out here and here. I hope I made you feel like finding out a bit more about this city (and not made you sick of it haha)!

Have a great evening my dears.

Lots of love,




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