Lisbon: If I had to pick 5 cafes

cafesfinal As promised here is my first post about my beloved Lisbon *yay*. As I mentioned before this post is not going to be a post with all the touristic places to go to but instead it will focus on some of my favourite spots (although some of them may coincide). During my week in Lisbon the weather was fantastic (although sometimes really cold in the evenings) and I miss it already! As I have an extensive list of things to do in Lisbon, I’ve decided to split it into 3 posts: If I had to pick 5 cafes; If I had to pick 5 places and; If I had to pick 5 things to eat. This post will be about my favourite cafes! Lisbon has a range of different cafes everywhere (going out for a coffee is cultural!) and picking 5 is no easy task but I have made my list – enjoy:


This place has a great atmosphere, great staff and stunning view. It’s very close to the castle (Castelo de S.Jorge) and is perfect for an afternoon drink after a whole day of walking around Lisbon.







I absolutely love this place and the view is stunning! It’s a rooftop garden terrace at the top of a parking lot (hence the name) and is amazing to visit during a sunny afternoon or at night. The music is great – very chill out – and the staff is very friendly. You have to stop by!




Note: As I forgot my camera at home this day, the first two pictures are not mine but pics I found in google.

♥ CLUBE Ferroviario

This place is a five minute walk from Santa Apolonia Station and has one of the best terraces in Lisbon. It also has two rooms for DJ’s, two bars and they have a range of events like different dance classes. It is a must see place if you’re in Lisbon – the music is amazing!


IMG_2613   IMG_2548


A beautiful minimalist cafe situated between the Padrao dos Descobrimentos and Torre de Belem. You can guess by now I love a cafe with a view so this one also has an amazing view! I recommend you go there when the sun is out and enjoy a nice glass of wine and one of their many nibbles.






♥ a padaria portuguesa

This cafe is a chain and the one in Restauradores has no particular view but I think it is worth a visit as it has most of Lisbon’s traditional pastries and they are all yummy. After a nice walk in town maybe stop by and have a look! IMG_2169 IMG_2178 IMG_2186 IMG_2193 IMG_2183 IMG_2195

If you are going to Lisbon then definitely go to at least one of these cafes – you won’t regret it. I also apologise there isn’t a Sunday Pleasures post today but I promise I will make it up to you during the week!

Have a great Sunday everyone!




15 thoughts on “Lisbon: If I had to pick 5 cafes

    1. Thank you! I lived in Lisbon for a long time and have been to Porto 2 or 3 times but don’t know it as well as I know Lisbon. It’s definitely a beautiful city as well! 🙂 x


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