Snapshots: Lisbon version

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope Monday treated you well (if not, at least it’s over!) and that Tuesday treats you even better. I’ve been promising a post about Lisbon (where to eat & drink, etc.) and I will do that as soon as I’m back in Brighton. I’ll try to include all my favourite spots instead of all the touristy places!  Meanwhile, here’s a little taste of what I’ve been up to these last few days in this gorgeous city.


  1. Praça do comércio – Love this area of the city. If you are coming to Lisbon you have to come here. The square is located by the river which means it’s amazing when it’s sunny!
  2. Ribeira das naus cafe/quiosque – cute cafe by the river just 5 minutes from Praça do Comércio.
  3. Lemonade @ Ribeira das naus – not the best but refreshing enough! I have a recipe of the best lemonade ever to share with you. Coming soon!!


  1. I relax in my bro’s hoodie – around the house I like to wear cumfy clothes! Is there anything more comfortable than a a large hoodie? ^.^
  2. Me and my little one – chilling in the sun!
  3. Nude (ish) manicure – I always do my nails when I come to Lisbon as it’s about a third of the price of the UK! I did gel nails and opted for that really pastelly colour you see on the pic and only paid 12€ which is about £9!


  1. On the go – it might be sunny but it’s not very warm. I had to get my oversized grey scarf out yesterday as the temperature dropped to about 7º!
  2. Mum’s food is the best! – more recipes inpired on my mum’s cooking coming soon.
  3. Me & bro – #notsolittleanymore – 18 years old and double my height!!! (ok so maybe not double but much much taller)


  1.  Me & my kindle – in the subway or when I go to bed, this is my company!
  2. After bar – this little place has live music everyday. Lovely environment and great nibbles as well
  3. Seafood – how I missed fresh seafood! Thanks mum!

Stay tuned for more of Lisbon!

Lots of love,



13 thoughts on “Snapshots: Lisbon version

  1. We’re headed to Lisbon in a few weeks – what area would you recommend we stay in? We’re hoping to get an Airbnb so can be flexible but I have no idea which area would be best. Ideally we want somewhere fairly central so we can explore! 🙂

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