Sunday Pleasures Portuguese style

bacalhauToday’s Sunday Pleasures will not be something sweet but a recipe of a traditional portuguese dish that I absolutely love. I’m going to use my mum’s recipe (which is the best in the world)! If you ever have the chance try and make it! If not, order it in any restaurant when you come to Lisbon. Here is how you can make this yummy dish:


♥ 6 pieces of salted cod

♥ 2 large onions

♥ 10 garlic cloves

♥ Olive oil

♥ Vegetable oil (to fry the chips)

♥ 600g of potato

♥ 12 eggs

♥ Pepper

♥ Parsley

♥ Black olives


♥ To make the Bacalhau à Braz, the cod has to be soaked in water for a couple of days before it can be used (it is very salty!). Try changing the water a few times for a less salty cod

♥ Once this has been done, boil the cod in water, remove the bones and skin and break it apart

♥ In the mean time, cut the potatoes into thin strips (like matchsticks) and fry them. Dry them with kitchen paper and set them aside.

♥ In a deep pan pour some olive oil and add onions and garlic. When it starts to get golden, add the cod and stir for a few minutes. Add the potatoes and continue to stir

♥  Meanwhile, beat the eggs with the pepper and slowly add to the deep pan while stirring. Add some parsley.

♥ Stir for a few minutes and add parsley and the black olives on top.



Enjoy my lovelies!




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