Snapshots 14.03.15

Today’s post is pretty quick as I’m getting ready for a wine&dine night! I just wanted to share with you my week’s snapshots and what I’ve been up to! These are the things that have brought a smile to my face this week 


  1. Spinach, mushroom and bacon quiche – this quiche was simply delicious! It’s from the Real patisserie (one of my favourite cafes in Brighton) but I make a similar one myself and will share with you soon!
  2. Flowery midi dress – I’m looking at new office clothes for spring (have been in Zara almost everyday this week!) and loved the look of this one – so flowery! It’s now part of my March wishlist (also to come in a post soon!)
  3. Pesto pasta and salad – so easy to make and so yummy! Recipe coming soon!
  4. Lion King the musical –  I went to this last Saturday and absolutely loved it! I was a bit upset with the seats we were in but in the end the show made up for it! You must see it if you like musicals! It brought back some amazing memories.
  5. Coffee grounds for my orchid – you may have seen my post about using coffee grounds in your homemade scrub (if not, see it here) but I also found out that coffee can be great for your plants when mixed with soil. So I tried it out! So far no major results but will let you know as soon as I see something!
  6. Currently reading – Not that kind of girl and loving it! After reading so many positive reviews I had to give it a try. Will give you the whole review once I’m finished – stay tuned!
  7. Breakfast – scrambled eggs and mushrooms on granary toast. This was so tasty and put a huge smile on my face!
  8. Me being silly. No more to say on that!
  9. My new brogue shoes – in love with these. I’ve had a few pair of brogue shoes but these are by far the most comfortable. H&M if you’re wondering!

Have a great Saturday everyone!





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