Wardrobe Principles & Essentials

cover Today’s post is all about clothes (vanity Friday *yay*). I try to apply a few rules to my wardrobe in order for it to be more complete – my fashion principles – and think that everyone must have their own. In this post I have made a list of my principles but have also put together a list of what I think are the pieces I could not live without and that are (in most cases) timeless!

To begin with, my 5 Principles for a complete wardrobe:

Quality over quantity

less is more

Be realistic

flexibility Diversity

The above principles make my life easier, even though I don’t follow them religiously! I also believe there are a few items every woman must own. They are the items that will always get you out of that I-have-nothing-to-wear mode and that can be used in more than one occasion. Here’s my list of wardrobe essentials:


Every woman should own a simple but elegant black dress. It can be dressed up or dressed down to fit any occasion and will be your go to piece when nothing else looks right!


I have always loved trench coats! It’s a classic basic that is a perfect piece for spring or autumn. Dress it up with red lipstick and heels or dress it down with a basic tee and ballet flats – up to you!


I love a simple plain white t-shirt. It’s the perfect canvas for accessories and will look good with almost anything.


This piece can dress up almost any look. Mommy jeans, a shirt and a blazer? Yep, looks good to me! Take it to the office or the opera – you’ll always look good with a black blazer.


Anytime, anywhere. Timeless!


An iconic must have.



The midi skirt is no longer just an office attire. It can be used in almost any occasion and is also perfect for a night out or a wine&dine night!


Or any other kind of manly-like shoes. Gotta have at least a pair!


True, you need more than just a pair of heels. But black heels are a must have. They can also dress up almost anything.


Having a good blingy watch is always handy. If you don’t feel like making too much of an effort, put on that watch and you’ll instantly look sharper!

And last but not least,


Same principle as the signature watch. You will need this!

What are your wardrobe essentials?



  Wardrobe picture source.


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