Don’t let a bad day bring you down

What a week! I haven’t been having the best week so far: my job has been quite stressful, my goal to start going to the gym everyday hasn’t become a reality, I haven’t had time to blog as much as I wanted to, my internet connection is terrible and my laptop has gone mad. As a result of all this, my confidence levels haven’t been the greatest and I feel like screaming at the person from Talk-Talk at the other end of the phone! Anyway, after counting to ten and using my coping mechanisms I realized I needed to share them with you! As I said in my “Self-love for dummies” post, I believe that it is important to love yourself first and trust your capabilities above everything. I know how hard this can be and I know it’s not easy to be cheerful after a bad day but almost everything can be worked on, right?

So I have some advice for you if you are consistently asking yourself “why me?” lately and feel like life sucks: you have to deal with it. Someone very special once told me that happiness isn’t the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them – I totally agree. Happiness is the ability to find a reason to smile despite everything.

This is what I like to think when I’m having a bad day:

forblogYou are not the only person in the world being affected by something. The world isn’t against you and only you can change what is wrong in your life. You are not a victim!

focusfinalWe tend to hold on to everything that has gone wrong in our life and seldom think of the great things we have achieved. Try to think of your accomplished goals and everything else that has made you smile.

mistakesYou will only grow from your mistakes and learn how not to commit them again. Think of it as a lesson learned and don’t let it take you down!

moaningThe more you complain, the worse you will feel and the least you will accomplish. As I said in a previous post, positive affirmations are powerful so stop complaining and start being more positive.

temporaryNo matter how bad it is, it is temporary! Every moment brings a new beginning or a new ending – try to focus on that.

And, this is what I like to do on my not-so-good days:

♥ A bit of pampering. Who doesn’t like a nice warm bath and a glass of wine after having 3 nerve-wrecking meetings in one day? How about that cheeky ice-cream you’ve been avoiding for so long? Do something you love, whether that is going out for a meal, getting a manicure, or buying that nice jacket you saw last week. Today is the day you deserve it the most!

♥ Taking action. Stressing about what went wrong won’t make tomorrow any better. Act on it and fix it! No one will make it better and no one can change this for you. If something is wrong there might just be a way for you to make it right.

♥ Let it out. Holding things in is not healthy so if you feel like you need a good cry just do it. Scream if necessary. Talk to someone that will listen and get that weight off your shoulders. Just don’t keep it in for too long.

♥ Watch/read something distracting – try to take your mind away from your bad day. Watch a good movie or read a good book. This works really well for me.

So, bottom line:

final quote

How do you cheer up on a bad day?




29 thoughts on “Don’t let a bad day bring you down

    1. Yes I agree – it might hard to actually use them but you have to think to yourself that it’s for your own happiness so it’s worth it. I loved your post ad well, we suggest similar things! I hope your week gets better 🙂 x

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