What I’m loving right now


Double pearl earrings

Dior’s double pearl earrings have become the new “it” peace in the fashion world. You’ve probably noticed that I am wearing double pearl earrings in most of my pictures. Well, the truth is I fell in love with them the minute I tried them on! They are so cute and give a nice clean sophisticated look.


House of Cards

Yes, it has returned! Just another week until I can watch this series again – cannot wait! This is one of my favorite series and it was so hard to have to wait for over a year wondering what would happen next. Can’t wait to see if Kevin Spacey (one of my favorite actors) and Robin Wright (talk about good taste in clothes!) remain splendid as the central couple.


Smashbox Photo Finish primer

The king of primers! I have tried so many different primers in my life and none of them have been as incredible as this one. If you want velvety smooth skin then this is definitely for you – it conceals and holds things in place for so much longer. And no, this is not a sponsored post!


Lion and Lobster (pub)

I’ve always loved this pub but now that it’s a bit closer to my flat I basically live there. The decor is very cute and it has 3 floors (one of them being a really nice terrace that is wonderful in the summer!). What’s even better – the food is amazing! I’m not a big fan of Sunday roast but actually liked theirs. If you’re in Brighton stop by and try their steaks!



Who cares if curvy women are not supposed to wear stripes? Forget the rules. If it makes you happy, wear it! I have been in love with stripes for a while but have been wearing them more often lately. Maybe it’s because they remind me of Paris…ah Paris!


Ripped jeans

They are back! I am absolutely in love with my ripped jeans. However, there’s a thin line between chic and shabby. Love these outfits below!


These blogs

These are not recent loves, but have been more of a constant love for the last year.

Girl with curves

The Londoner

Lulu Linden

Have a lovely evening ♥




Pictures: Double Pearl pics (source); Stripes (source), stripes (source), stripes (source); ripped jeans (source); ripped jeans (source), ripped jeans (source)


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