Top 10 DIY Valentines Gift Ideas


‘Tis the season of love…and nothing says “I love you” more than something made with your own two hands. Although I believe you should show your partner you love them all year round, I do think it is nice to give your loved one a little something on this special day ♥ However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money! I have made a list that includes either things I have done before or things I found super cute online.

Let’s get creative:

♥ A bag of his/her favorite things. I gave this to my boyfriend a couple of years back and still think it’s such a cute idea and can make a wonderful gift. Here you can include little things you know your partner loves like favorite sweets, a miniature of his favorite bottle of wine, a book you know he/she wanted to read, a letter from you to him, etc. If you want to spend a bit more money you can even include tickets to a game/musical/dance class, etc. Be creative, the sky is the limit!

gift bag


♥ A jar filled with reasons why you love him/her. I actually came across this the other day and loved the idea. All you have to do is write down the reasons why you love your partner and put it in a jar! That easy and that cute!


♥ Your story scrapbook. This is another thing I did a few years back and my boyfriend loved it! Fill it with your pictures since the very start of your relationship until now and to make it even more special by adding tickets of movies/trips/concerts you went to together.


♥ Cheap dates in a jar. Why not plan a few dates for you and your partner and put it in a jar? These don’t have to be expensive dates – more like a picnic, giving each other massages or anything that means spending time together. This will make you go on dates for a while!


♥ Homemade bath salts. Treat your partner to a romantic relaxation treatment – at home! It’s easy to make and will make a cute gift for both of you to enjoy. Learn more about making them here or here.

bath salts

♥ Heart shaped post-its on a mirror. This is similar to the “reasons in a jar” mentioned above but all you need is a lot of post-its and a lot of reasons for loving your partner 🙂 Make a heart shape with your post-its and you have a cute little idea that would make anyone smile.

Sem Título

♥  DYI vases. Instead of giving your partner only flowers, why not give them a handmade vase as well? Find some gorgeous vase ideas here (it also looks really fun to make!).


♥ Candle holders. If your partner loves candles, this is a great idea! Get creative and make a cute candle holder for your loved one. Loads of ideas here.


♥ Mini heart-shaped cherry pies. Get to their hearts with…food! I thought this was so cute I couldn’t leave it out. Find out how to make them here.

cherry pies

♥  And lastly, “Open when” envelopes. Write a a little letter for different occasions and put them in envelopes for your other half to open when the time comes. For example: “open when its your birthday”, “open when you miss me”, “open you’re mad at me”, etc. Such a cute idea!


Have fun creating! ♥

Lots of love,



11 thoughts on “Top 10 DIY Valentines Gift Ideas

  1. Haha, they’re all extremely cutesy and brilliant ideas. I loved the jar and the envelope ideas, they’d be very meaningful gifts. Thanks for the links, I love crafts as well, lol. 🙂 spread the love and good luck!

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