A picture (or more) an hour

So I remembered something I saw quite a lot last year and decided to try it myself this year. It’s called a picture an hour. The idea is to document your day with one picture of something you did/saw/experienced every hour (I actually might put more pictures instead of one sometimes but the goal is the same ♥).  Here’s my Saturday’s “a picture (or more) and hour”.

9.30am – Breakfast time – my favorite part of the weekends! love my morning lattes and toasts! Sem Título


10.30am – Time to get ready to go out and get things done! Shower time ♥

IMG_0089 11.30am – Ready to go! Left my beloved car at the garage for fluid change.



11.30am – Nothing better than visiting a park on a sunny afternoon. Love these days!


IMG_0502 12.30am – Lunch time @TheAvenue, Hove. Lovely food!


IMG_057913.30pm – Still munching away…(Please ignore my sleepy face – I still can’t wear makeup to cover it!)


IMG_0541  14.30pm – the 45min walk back to town (yes, it took that long!)

IMG_0511  15.30pm – Beauty time.

IMG_060916.30pm – Car picked up from garage & drive back home


IMG_062017.30pm – Back home organizing post. My boyfriend has the tendency of keeping whatever mail we get and I have to filter it afterwards! As I mentioned in another post, organizing is key. Get rid of anything you don’t need!

IMG_065918.30pm – Book time. A friend of mine, knowing my love for Paris, gave me this cute little book for Christmas. It’s lighthearted and funny – I absolutely loved it. If you’re looking for a fun quick read – try it!


19.30pm – Dinner time


IMG_043220.30pm – Nothing like ending the day watching a movie next to the one you love. Watched “The theory of everything”. It’s a must watch!


Hope you enjoyed a small peak into my Saturday ♥  

Au revoir! ♥


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