My goals for 2015


Today’s Blogging 101 assignment seemed quite complicated. The point was to write a post I would like my dream audience to read. After staring at the screen for what seemed like forever, I came up with nothing. But then I understood why. I want my dream audience to be anyone who is interested in reading what I write. Anyone I can inspire and that can inspire meI want to encourage communication, keep the mind engaged and contribute in spreading the joy of life ♥ 

The truth is, no previous hobby has brought me more satisfaction than blogging. There are a number of reasons for this: I have grown, I have met new people and became part of a community. I have been inspired, developed new interests and learned some fun, incredible things. I have experienced the rush of every positive comment and that has kept me going.

So, without rambling on – my audience is you! ♥♥  

And what I want to share with you today is my list of goals for this year. I haven’t done this before because I don’t like the idea of new year’s resolutions – I never stick to them for longer than January. That’s why this year I’ve decided to list my goals (not going to call them resolutions either!) in February. At least if I don’t stick to them I can’t blame January, eh? Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Enter a color run – every year I say I’m going to do this and every year I don’t. Not because I don’t want to, but because I forget to check the dates and when someone mentions “I’m going to take part in the color run” it’s already too late! This year I’ll be there.
  2. Cook more – I am enjoying cooking more and more and want to make more time for it. After all, one should make more time to do the things that makes the soul happy.  
  3. Exercise (much more) and stay healthy – I want to go back to my spinning classes at least three times a week but also take up jogging on a regular basis. I live by the seafront and have only gone 3 times since I moved! I know this one is a cliche, but I’m going to do it – I promise!
  4. Visit a new country – This is something I want to do every year. My boyfriend and I are in between Prague and Budapest this year – any suggestions?
  5. Read more – lately I haven’t read as much as I’d like to or used to. This for me is a priority this year!
  6. Blog more – I want to keep this blog going so hopefully by the end of 2015 it will still be here, improved of course!
  7. Be more positive – this does wonders. As I said before, enough of expecting the worst and not being confident. I want to train my brain to think positive thoughts!
  8. Take up classes of some sort – I would love to learn something new and have been thinking about that for a while. So, this year I’m going to look into either photography or a creative writing. Any recommendations from people in Brighton?
  9. Wake up earlier – seize the day Lara, seize the day!
  10. Be an improved version of myself by the end of the year 

And these, my dears, are my goals.


*warning* Silly picture below!



7 thoughts on “My goals for 2015

  1. This is wonderful, Lara! And your goals are awesome – pretty similar to mine, but I guess most people just want to improve their own well-being and find true happiness. The only differences lie in our different priorities and interests. Thanks for this post ❤



  2. I loved it as soon as I saw the pretty pink flowers. Flowers and pink just make me feel happy. So does music, singing, dancing, laughing. Ummm guess I should have said my children and spouse make me feel happy but reality does mean that sometimes mmmmm not so much. Love them to Death but happens. Pretty pink flowers don’t cause stress at all because I am not allergic..ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

    Liked by 1 person

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