Why I am a feminist

I was having a conversation with a friend today about writing this post and his immediate reaction was “so you are going to write about how much you hate us?”. Unfortunately, this is how feminism is widely perceived. Being a feminist does not mean you are a man-hater, it does not mean you are a lesbian or that you have hairy legs and a mustache.


Feminists come from a variety of backgrounds and have a variety of values. Feminists can be feminine! Feminists are not all the same and the only thing they might have in common is the belief that men and women should be treated equally. Being a feminist means you believe that women are people. That we should have the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities as men. That said, these are my reasons for being a feminist:

  • Because every year millions of women suffer from domestic violence, rape, genital mutilation, trafficking, among other forms of abuse;
  • Because when a woman gets raped people still ask “what was she wearing?”
  • Because only 30% of women occupy the most senior positions in the UK;
  • Because women are still expected to do the cooking, cleaning and washing at home;
  • Because women are expected to value their appearance above everything else;
  • Because in Saudi Arabia women are still not allowed to drive and can be convicted of a crime when raped;
  • Because women are still taught not to dream big;
  • Because when women say something that people don’t agree with she’s on her period;
  • Because women see each other as competition;
  • Because in the Yemen women are considered only half a witness;
  • Because women have to be perfect;
  • Because women are still seen as inferior to men and ignoring it won’t make it go away;
  • Because women can’t see men as sexual objects as well;
  • Because I can!

I still struggle to understand why people are so threatened by the word feminism. I have heard women talk about feminism in a pejorative way and that truly saddens me. Don’t be afraid to be a feminist! ♥♥♥    

ChimimandaSem Título


7 thoughts on “Why I am a feminist

  1. we all should understand that being feminist is not just about women rights, it’s about don’t judge someone by gender… sexism harms men too


    1. It’s about rights as well. Unfortunately in many places in the world women still don’t have the same rights as men. Not judging by the gender is key but unfortunately that doesn’t happen and everyone should be aware of that. Thanks for commenting! ❤️


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