7 tips to be more organized

I consider myself to be a fairly organized person and believe that most people would like to be (even if slightly) more organized. First important point – no one is born organized. So yes, even if you are the most disorganized person ever, you too can become organized.What follows is my personalized list of tips to become more organized:

Take notes. Stop thinking you will remember things because the truth is – you probably won’t. My trick to overcome forgetting things is writing everything down. In fact, the one thing I absolutely cannot live without is my notebook (see picture below of my 6 indispensable things).

♥  Write a to-do list everyday. This is especially helpful at work. Writing down a list of what you have to do helps you keep track of things and not panic (I am the panic queen and find this extremely helpful). However, it has to be an easy to follow and consolidated list. I would advise you not to start writing things in different places – that will make you lose track again.

♥  Don’t try and do two things at once. You are not Houdini – one thing at a time is key!

♥  Do it now! Stop procrastinating and I promise you won’t have to face last-minute panic.

♥ Only keep what you need. Stop keeping garbage. If it is not needed – throw it away. De-cluttering is an extremely important tool to keep your home, job and soul clean.

♥ Make deadlines. This will help you not waste time! Schedule and plan your day, or even your week. Most importantly, stick to your schedule. You will feel great afterwards 🙂

♥ And finally…simplify! 

If you stick to the above your life will become just that little bit simpler – you will keep track of things and feel like you can finally get things done. When you think about procrastinating try to look at the bigger picture – your ultimate goal. What is it you are trying to achieve? Your plan has a purpose and you are sticking to it for a purpose.

Lastly, I would like to show you a few of my favorite things and what keeps me going:


My skinny lattes – Every day I have a skinny latte with sugarfree caramel. This helps me get through my mornings and gives the day another flavour ♥ My books – I love reading and would love to have more time for it! ♥ My journal – it keeps me sane ♥ My watches – I absolutely love watches. They are not only there to keep track of time but are the perfect fashion accessory ♥ My glasses – I have worn glasses since I was 9 but this will be something I won’t be using for much longer (will explain better in following post) My perfumes – flowery smells are my thing. Spring, please come back! ♥ My phone (not in the picture) – it was used to take the picture but I promise I am looking into a good quality camera. My previous one is old and needs a replacement 😦

I will get more into the things I love on another post. But for now – what are the things you can’t live without?

Au revoir beauties! 


8 thoughts on “7 tips to be more organized

  1. I struggle with organization, but I’m an extremely creative person and chaos feeds my creativity. I do, however, clear out the chaos once a week, so as to start out on a “clean slate”. I have a dry erase board and calendar that everything is written on to remind me what’s next. I like the idea of writing a daily to do list, that could come in handy.


    1. I guess having a dry erase board is almost the same aa having a to do list. But if you only write what’s next I recommend you write down the most important things you have to do that morning and it will save you so much time. At least for me it works wonders, I couldn’t live without my to-do list at work! Thank you for reading 😊

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