It’s all about building confidence

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted my first post to be about. The truth is, for someone who has never owned something like this before, it is quite daunting to think that whatever you write could be read by anyone. And even though I created this blog as a hobby – it is still scary. That’s when I knew – confidence. Now I’m not a very confident person and suffer the consequences of that – constant worrying, anxiety, self-doubt, etc. In fact, one of my 2015 goals was to be more confident. Worry less. Simplify.

I know this sounds cliche and you are probably tired of hearing people saying “you have to believe in yourself”, “be more confident”, etc. But one thing I’ve learned is confident people are more successful in life. Just look around – does any highly influential person you can think of seem insecure? From famous bloggers, politicians, your boss or even that one kid in your class that always delivers in presentations. They seem confident. The thing is you can as well because it’s not only about being confident, its about pretending to be confident.

I know, it sounds like I’m telling you to lie but it’s for a good reason – I promise.

The way I see it confidence is the belief in yourself and the belief that you can do something. This on the other hand is a result of a number of successfully executed tasks in your life (be it in school, work, as a parent, etc.). It generates a decrease in self doubt. For example, because you have been walking all your life and you know you have mastered it, you have the confidence to it. It is the same with everything. Do it enough and you will master it. So, pretend to be confident and confront whatever it is you are afraid of and experience will build that confidence. You will start to believe that you are confident and will become more confident. Not only that but if you are seen as a confident person people will think you already know what you’re talking about. And this, like it or not, opens doors.

Now I’m not saying you should think you are incapable of doing something, accept your fate and simply pretend to be confident. What I’m saying is try to seem confident even if you are not, but still develop your weaknesses.

Bottom line – confidence comes from success but successful people are not always confident. What you have to do is change your attitude towards success. Accept that success is possible. I always tend to expect the worst as a way to prevent disappointment. However, I have seen that expecting the worst will undermine your performance. Expect the best! Know your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. And don’t let anyone tell you why you can’t do something – do it and make them feel silly for ever doubting you!

Although you might be afraid of something and are trying to avoid a problem – don’t. It will only become a problem if you want it to. So, I’m going to say it:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Accept that success is possible
  • Trust your capabilities
  • Take risks
  • Build your confidence – like anything, it takes practice.

After all, I was confident enough to write my first post!


3 thoughts on “It’s all about building confidence

  1. “All I’m saying is try to seem confident even if you are not, but still develop your weaknesses. And do whatever scares you. I have realized that whenever I have had to do something that was terrifying for me, I would get a better feedback and response from people if I had transpired confidence.” Adoreii !! O post diz exatamente o que eu penso. Continua, Lara! 🙂

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